Cornerstone’s edit suite is stocked with the finest state-of-the-art equipment to ensure the highest quality finished products. With our systems, we can edit to/from the most widely used tape formats available, including DVCPro HD, 50 and 25 Formats, DV, DVCam, BetaSP, Betacam, 3/4, 3/4SP, MII, S-VHS, VHS, Hi-8, and 8mm.

At the heart of our edit suite is a custom built real time non-linear editor, designed around the DPS Velocity HD Real-time System. Through this system we can handle virtually any type of video imaginable. Powerful animation, video, graphics, and sound tools are right at our fingertips as we edit your project to completion. Through our edit suite we are able to edit in 4:3 or 16:9, and can output your project to many of the foreign tape formats.

When done editing, we can also easily output your video to tape, DVD, or compress it into one of the many computer formats available such as MPEG, MPEG2, AVI and MOV, as well as popular web streaming formats such as MPEG4, Windows Media and Real Player.

For more complex projects, as well as custom editing processes, we have a full audio suite available with 48 channel mix-down, as well as traditional linear editing equipment.

But equipment is only part of the process. Our skilled editors will assist you by suggesting ways to add energy and excitement to your production.

Post Production is our speciality!

We use cutting edge vidoe and audio production software in combination with our extensive collection of professional hardware!

Cornerstone Media Productions

Cornerstone's Post Production suite is perfect for any producer seeking a top notch alternative to those in the big cities. Our state of the art edit suite and professional editor can handle virtually any project you may have. We have done work for some of the largest organizations in the country. Take a look and you will surely see that Cornerstone is right for your post production needs.




Tools We Use

Harris - Velocity HD

Adobe - After Effects CS5

Digi Design - Protools 9