Legal Video Services

For nearly 17 years, Cornerstone has been committed to providing professional video services throughout the region. We have earned a solid reputation among attorneys, court reporting firms, and government agencies for delivering premium quality legal audio and video services at very competitive rates.

Over the years, we have had the privilege of working with some of the finest lawyers, police and private citizens in America on various types of complex civil and criminal litigation. If legal audio or video is what you need, Cornerstone has the services you can count on time after time.

We are extremely sensitive to all types of cases and will maintain the highest confidentiality of your case, as well as maintaining a proper chain of evidence. Please call us today to find out how we may be of further assistance to you.

In addition to offering traditional documentation of depositions, we provide various other video production services for your legal team. As with any of our services, you count on Cornerstone to deliver the highest quality project.

Visual Record of Personal Injury or Disability - These "Day in the Life Of" videos have been a part of personal injury litigation for a number of years. Cornerstone will document all aspects of your client's injuries and/or disabilities. These dramatic videos can be the most dynamic evidence you can present to your jury. We will work with you to ensure that each video is well prepared and accurately conveys the lifelong physical and emotional pain and suffering that your client goes through, that cannot be expressed by words alone.

Visual Record of Life Before Injury/Death - In the most serious of injury or death cases, these videos capture the happy and healthy life of your client prior to their injury or death. From family photographs and home movies we will create a moving documentary that shows the life of your client, their interaction with friends and family, and activities they loved to do. Whether this tape is used during the trial, settlement, or damages phase of the process, it will allow everyone to 'meet' your client prior to their catastrophic death or injury, and the impact it has had.

Re-creations - In recent years, courtrooms and the media have been using re-creations to visually depict incidents, such as accidents and crimes to have a larger impact on Judges and Juries. Scenes can be re-created either in real life video, or 3D animation.

The legal field is constantly changing, and we will change with you to fit your needs. Please call us with any project you may have in mind. We will go to any location to record your project. Call us today to find out more.


For nearly a decade, Cornerstone has provided quality forensic services to the legal and law enforcement community. We will ensure that your evidence is handled with the utmost care and importance, and will follow all chain of evidence procedures your agency requires. Cornerstone's engineer is also recognized as an expert witness, and is available to testify to the validity of any forensic enhancement we perform.

Forensic Audio - Cornerstone's expert audio technicians are skilled in the cleaning up, enhancing, and improving of audio recordings, as well as examining for potential tampering. We use state of the art analog and digital technology to retrieve sound that is unrecognizable or of poor quality. Surveillance tapes, meeting tapes, 9-1-1 recordings, interrogations, and phone messages are just some of the types of recordings we can enhance for you.

Forensic Video - We can take virtually any type of video tape and examine it for tampering and/or enhance the video for your evidence. We work a great deal with law enforcement agencies to apprehend suspects that are caught on surveillance cameras. We can make prints from video, enhance, lighten, darken, sharpen, and blow up images to reveal your image, tag number, or suspect on your video evidence.


Many courtrooms do not have adequate equipment or trained personnel for playback of your presentations. When the case depends on the jury and judge to be able to properly see and hear the evidence, why take any chances?

We will bring in all equipment necessary to playback your video in the courtroom. We have various configurations including 1, 2, 3, & more monitor setups with a wide range of sizes. We can also provide scan converters to display computer models, power point demonstrations, graphics, or any other computer need in the courtroom.

If you have a large collection of videos for your trial, Cornerstone offers Laserdisc and DVD transfers to enable you to have instant access to your video clips on demand, as well as not having to carry around numerous tapes.