When your project is mixed down, you can be confident that your project will be handled by professionals with years of experience in the business, utilizing state of the art equipment. Our standard setup of a Presonus 16 channel 8 bus mixing console and 16 tracks of Tascan DA-88/38 Audio is monitored through Event and Mackie monitor speakers. To compliment the suite we have an array of effect processors, compressors, gates, preamps, etc to give your project the best possible mix.

When your project is completed, we will master your song utilizing our TC Electronics Finalyzer. You will be amazed as you listen to our engineer dial in the proper settings and hear the professionally mastered difference. Even other local studios bring their tracks to be mastered by our professional engineers.

Once mixdown is complete you will have a multitude of choices on how you want your master to be prepared. DAT, CD, MiniDisc, and other options are available.