The Studio

Cornerstone's studio is the largest sound stage in the region, featuring a 36x40 sound stage with an 18 foot ceiling. A full overhead lighting grid, custom painted backdrops and full wall blue screen for chroma keying make our studio versatile enough to handle any of your production needs.

The studio is designed with a loading area right to the driveway, so all your equipment can be easily transported into the studio.

Our sound stage was built from the ground up with an emphasis on quality audio recording. You can be confident that your recording will sound superb. Many groups enjoy coming to our studio for the fact that if desired they can play live together and not worry about using isolation booths to get the same sound at other studios.

We built the studio to be suitable for virtually any kind of recording, live performance, live or recorded television shows, compositing, CD-ROM production, or anything else you could possibly dream of.